Yoga Sadhana

DSCN0555My 1st exposure to yoga occurred around age 10. I took a class taught by Elisa Mckay, my friend Ayanna’s mom. I had already discovered the power of dance but the power of sitting without prayer was great. The memory is so clear Ayanna and I the only children in the class; I felt so perfect sitting on the cool wood floor in sukasana…breathe. Fast forward to my mid 20’s, I ski, I fall, I tear my ACL..Oh the pain, the agony, the lack of insurance! After being smuggled in for an MRI by my college friends the verdict was delivered by their professor:” Physical therapy or surgery, drain the knee or not you will have arthritis by my age.” After 3 physical therapy sessions (all that I could afford) it dawned on me. Iyengar yoga is better than this pt. So I moved slowly at Unity Woods, lifted weights and two years later, a certified Vinyasa teacher subbed her 1st class. That was 2 children, 3 ancestors and 4+ certifications ago.Through those tremendous rights of passage sadhana was maintenance. It was a place for me to strengthen, recharge, freak out, relax and balance the tumultuous and mundane. Wow, I’ve been teaching yoga for over 10 years and everytime I lose time for my practice; my right knee grinds click clack get your ass on the mat. DSCN0539DSCN0549DSCN0551DSCN0546

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5 years ago today a hospital Dr. said “give your baby formula to get rid of this jaundice, we don’t know how much milk you have.” My reply: I’ll be back in 15min. I returned with 4oz of pumped breastmilk. Does this answer your question? Chupps, he has jaundice because my babies require sunlight not artificial light. The Dr. said “give him the milk from the bottle so we can record his intake.” I said no bottles, breast, count his diapers and weigh him. Dr. said to the nurse “these are my orders” and ignored me till she found out who my Mama is. I camped out at the hospital nursery for 6 days, leaving only 2 hours a day. Just in case I made sure there was plenty breastmilk available in my absence. The nurses respected my wishes and would hold my son till I returned to nurse him. Even in an allopathic, dysfunctional, narcissistic institution you can find allies.


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Birth Partner-Penny Simkin

imagesimkin1simkin3simkin2When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding & Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Women

A phenomenal workshop hosted by facilitated by doula swamiji, author, birth activist, expert Penny Simkin, PT. We bury many of our life experiences in our bodies as well as minds. Magnificent life events such as childbirth release experiences  and impact how we respond physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Penny Simkin’s work teaches the use of compassion and sensitivity to support childbearing women through the journey motherhood offers. Review her resources

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