Sacral Chakra in Pregnancy

The Sacred Vortex called Swadhisthana in Sanskrit is located just below the navel. The organs associated with it are the sexual organs, intestines, kidney, gall bladder, lower back, adrenal glands. When this chakra is out of balance physical discomforts such as; lower back pain, urinary problems, sciatica, pelvic pain, and gynecological problems manifest. The emotions at play when out of balance are guilt, blame, sexual dysfunction, judgement, financial dysfunction and power struggles. When in tune the Sacral chakra releases creativity and magnetism.  The sacred seat stores emotions of  joy, anger, fear and the ability to let go.

It is no coincidence that the physical discomforts experienced in the Sacral Chakra when it is out of balance are the same discomforts of pregnancy. If so can we reduce these discomforts by meditating on the 2nd chakra?  My personal experience finds this effective. While pregnant with Noble I practiced chakra meditation on a regular basis and had very few discomforts during the entire pregnancy. With my 2nd son Royal, I did not practice chakra meditation for the 1st trimester and I suffered many discomforts. At the time I assumed it was my body having a more intense response to the pregnancy because it was the 2nd time around. When I settled myself and resumed my meditation/yoga practice the discomforts ceased.

So how does one meditate on this chakra while pregnant. I t may seem quite difficult. The womb is occupied by a growing baby  developing its own system of chakras. Mama’s sacral chakra becomes the sacred seat of the bay’s soul. The entire body structure changes and finding a physical frame of reference like  contracting the navel is nearly impossible.  

We can take an outward approach by mind fully consuming foods related to the chakra. Sweet  mangoes, oranges, passion fruit, almonds, walnuts, sesame  seeds, cinnamon, vanilla & paprika fuel the sacral chakra. Wear orange, decorate, paint or visualize the color orange filled with vibrance. The element is water so drink, pour,soak & dance in it. Create a ritual with these items same time, same  place and  quietly consume, breath and relax.

Meditate and the bonus is achieved… the lesson of the Sacral chakra is letting go. Let go of fear, anger and controlling behavior so the purpose of the Sacred is achieved through emotional connections…to the baby growing inside of you… to the Divine Mother within you.   Letting go of your past life so the creativity of your new life can flourish…letting go fear of the unknown is my baby ok? will I have a painful birth? will I have enough milk? will my husband still find me attractive? will I have enough money?

The ultimate manifestation of the lesson of the Sacral chakra is letting go in labor and delivery… releasing inhibitions and trusting birth for the sacred purpose of bonding with your baby. In turn bonding stimulates the baby’s sacral chakra.  The emotional connection created between Mother and child fulfills its sacred purpose and brings the sacral chakra into balance.


10 comments on “Sacral Chakra in Pregnancy

  1. The second to last paragraph is something that I really needed to hear. I’m 8 months pregnant and it seems like I’m almost constantly trying not to worry about something. The last paragraph is beautiful! As I get closer and closer to having this baby I don’t want to fear the experience but embrace it by letting go and trusting what is natural and sacred to happen!

  2. I have had 8 preganicies and 7 live births. Four were at home. It is the most beatutiful ORGASIM, AND FIRST I ever had……make sure you mouth is open, and the vaginal area will follow .

  3. Beautiful. Thank you. The day that I found out I was pregnant, a rec tail hawk darted out and almost flew into my windshield as if to say HERE I AM! The hawk is associated with the sacral chakra. Though I’ve faced losses, I know that this one is going to be ok.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this post. I am 10 weeks pregnant and a yoga teacher and can’t help but notice how active and hot my sacral chakra has been while teaching and in meditation. I’m really looking forward to exploring this chakra and the points that you’ve mentioned.

  5. I enjoyed reading this as it has put many questions to rest. However, when opening and closing my chakra system do I still include my Sacral Charka?

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