Post-partum Care

Post-partum Herbal Body Wraps

Tighten, tone, detox and heal the abdomen with a gentle soothing herbal wrap. These handcrafted wraps aid in  recovery from the trauma of birth assisting the bodies natural process; the involution of the uterus and shifting of organs. Wraps are hypoallergenic and assist healing of C-section scars. To achieve results a minimum of 3 sessions are recommended

 $6o per session*

Post-partum Mama and Baby Massage

Soothe and be soothed with a compassionate touch. Post- partum massage sessions also give Mama the opportunity to learn new techniques to comfort and care for her baby. An additional $15 travel and set up fee applies*.

$85 per session *

$240 three session package includes travel and set up fees

Post -partum Fitness Training

Every woman needs more energy, more strength and self-confidence after the humbling early days of Motherhood. Stave off the baby blues and shed baby fat through appropriate fitness instruction. Sessions can begin upon discharge or after the 6 week check up. Physio ball recommended.

 $60 session, duration 30 minutes

Post-partum Yoga

Incorporate yoga into your parenting life. Instruction can include baby or be Mamas retreat. Benefits of establishing a yoga practice post partum include: stress relief, increasing hormonal balance, detox body and emotions, regain flexibility and strength. Postures that focus on the bodies postpartum healing process and breastfeeding will be highlighted.

$75 per session, duration 60 minutes

Breastfeeding Counsel

Choreographing the dance of nursing can be challenging. In home private counsel  provides Mama hands on  techniques to achieve breastfeeding success. Correct posture, holds, increasing milk supply and extraction techniques, special infant needs are addressed with dedication.

$75 per session  includes additional  phone/skype support

All prices are subject to change, some travel and set up fees are applicable. Package bundles and discounts are available upon request.


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