Trying to make this testimonial short and sweet is a challenge because there is much to say. 

Nikki was truly a God Sent and a Blessing to me and my family throughout my pregnancy, during labor and delivery as well as postpartum.  Her prenatal/pregnancy massages always put me right to sleep (which was challenging for me otherwise) her touch left my body feeling relaxed, tension and pain free.  During labor her support, company, pain management techniques and overall presence set the tone for labor and delivery with decreased stress for my partner, baby and I; as well as reassured us that there was someone there at all times who was capable of diffusing potential stressers and concerns.  Her photography and videography was done with a sharp yet considerate eye for memorable moments.  Nikki was able to maintain adequate levels of comfort and gently offered suggestions for positioning and comfort.  Postpartum Nikki ensured all was well with baby and family and that a sufficient latch was attained for healthy breast feeding prior to her departure.  Her services continued once we were at home which included a follow up on breastfeeding and provision of additional tips and advise for care of baby and mom. 

Whether planning a home birth or hospital birth I would highly recommend her services for any mother or mother to be regardless of previous birth and or mothering experience.   Nikki’s knowledge, skills and techniques surpass many Doula’s and anyone who is fortunate enough to experience her will understand and know that she has answered her call to service by becoming a Doula and has chosen to provide such and intimate service with heart and soul intertwined.  Her patience and attentiveness throughout the entire experience was also noted and appreciated as was her ability to answer questions without hesitation and with honesty.—-Dr. V.W.

One comment on “Testimonials

  1. It has been close to 3.5 years since Nikki supported the birth of our first daughter and 10.5 months since she supported the second. I can’t believe that I am only now leaving this testimonial! Her knowledgeable, confident, and firm manner helped put me, my husband, and my mother all at ease through both labors. “You need to go for a walk” “I don’t want [breathe] to go for a walk [breathe]!” “The baby will come faster if you for go for a walk” “Okay [breathe]. Walking.” (And of course she was right.) She told me when to eat and drink (yes, it’s okay!), when to go to the bathroom (yes, you need a reminder), when to lie down and rest (yes, it’s possible), and when to get in the car and get to the hospital!

    We wanted to labor at home at long as possible and she, in constant direct communication with our midwife at GW, was able to help us do that. She is also the reason why I was able to have both my babies without any drugs or painkillers. Nikki was instrumental in our having the birth experiences we really wanted and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Thank you, Nikki!

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