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imagesimkin1simkin3simkin2When Survivors Give Birth: Understanding & Healing the Effects of Early Sexual Abuse on Childbearing Women

A phenomenal workshop hosted by facilitated by doula swamiji, author, birth activist, expert Penny Simkin, PT. We bury many of our life experiences in our bodies as well as minds. Magnificent life events such as childbirth release experiences  and impact how we respond physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. Penny Simkin’s work teaches the use of compassion and sensitivity to support childbearing women through the journey motherhood offers. Review her resources

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Feeding cues


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Rewarding birth

Hey Nikki, I wanted to send a quick note to thank you for everything I learned in your yoga classes over the past 9 months.  And whatever we did last Sunday seems to have worked!  I started feeling contractions later that day and L was born a week early on Monday.  The exercises and breathing we did gave me the tools I needed to labor naturally and keep me calm — to the extent that I was further along than the midwife and doula both thought I was, arriving at the hospital fully dilated.  The whole experience was long and hard, but a positive one and completely rewarding.  We’re taking it easy at home, but hope to see you around the neighborhood soon!-H.B.

Prenatal Yoga Sundays 1-2pm @ Golden Heart Yoga DC


Gemstones for the Childbearing Year

ImageGemstones are both beautiful and beneficial during the childbearing year. They provide adornment and support to periods of conception, gestation, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and infancy. Gemstones appeal to our tactile and esoteric senses. We admire their brilliance, absorb their energies, and feel their vibrations. Using gemstones is easy:
*they can be worn as jewelry *placed in your pocket or purse *kept in your pillow
*placed under the mattress
*held on your alter
*hung from your rear view window
*steeped in water for bath or drinks
*held or focal point during prayer or meditiation
*placed on chakra or reflexology points for balancing

Let your intutition guide you when selecting gemstones and choose ones which resonate with you. Below are some suggestions gathered from the following site

Amber Image
Golden Brown
Solar Plexus Chakra
· Assists with mental clarity, promotes smooth functioning of intellect and wisdom and helps eliminate confusion in regards to truth.
· Protects one from psychic attacks, negative energy or taking on other’s energy. Facilitates energy balancing and cleansing.
· Offers patience, romantic love, sensuality, purification, detoxification, healing and calmness.

Orange & Red
Root and Sacral Chakra
· Heals, balances and stimulates women’s reproductive system and helps alleviate premenstrual cramps and irregular menses.
· Assists with stimulating physical energy, passion, emotions, sexuality and removes sorrows, jealousy, anger and fear.
· Stabilizes and grounds energy, improves motivation and recall to historical events and past lives.

Green (color of apples)
Heart Chakra
· Excellent healing stone that helps guard against sexually transmitted diseases, eye problems, gout, mental illness, fertility issues for both sexes and relieves fever.
· Eases heartache and loneliness, balances emotions, provides inner peace and strength, conflict resolution and provides happiness.
· Stimulates creativity, good fortune and prosperity.

Translucent and rainbow
Heart Chakra
· Enhances feminine energies including intuition, sensitivity, receptivity, and psychic abilities.
· Provides protection particularly during childbirth, pregnancy and travel at sea.
· Used to aid pituitary gland, digestive system, obesity, water retention, lymph system, menstrual problems and hormonal problems, emotional balance and grace.
· Helpful for water signs and calming overreactions to personal and emotional situations.

Pearl Image
White, Pink, Cream & Black
Crown Chakra
·Feminine in nature (containing water and moon energies) connecting the wearer to the Goddess energy and aiding in childbirth and fertility.
·Enhance personal integrity, faith, loyalty, truth, purity, charity, calming and centering.
·Used to treat stress, hypertension, headaches, exhaustion, digestive tract and muscular systems. 

Quartz, Rose
Heart Chakra
·Opens the heart chakra for emotional healing and is used to enhance all forms of love including unconditional love, self-love, family love, platonic love and romantic love.
·Assist with fertility and provides protection during pregnancy and childbirth.
·Eases traumas associated with loss, stress, hurt, fear, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence, anger, and resentment.

Heart or Throat Chakra
· Supports harmony, letting go, surrendering of pain, worry, anxiety, fear and guilt.
· Treats and heals lungs, throat, heart, premenstrual syndrome, cramps, inflammations, arthritis and spasms.
· Gently removes negativity and aids emotional healing from incest, rape, mastectomy and hysterectomy.

Agate (Crazy Lace)
Black & white
· Helps to clear emotional pain, center and focus.
· Helps children, parents and grandparents understand one another. Also encourages different generations to feel they can enjoy one another.

Various Colors- Jadeite & Nephrite
· All jade has different healing aspects including crystal healing, removing toxins from body, healing the heart and assisting kidney problems.
· Provides protection from harm, against illness especially for children and against physical attack.
· Ancient Chinese have used jade for various things including peace, harmony, emotional balance, stamina, humility, fidelity, generosity, mercy, courage, wisdom and justice.


Birthing Bliss Perinatal Services is dedicated to supporting families during the childbearing year. Specializing in the holistic arts our services include:

  •  Breastfeeding  Counsel
  • Childbirth Education
  • Doula
  • Perinatal Fitness Training
  • Prenatal Thai Massage
  • Yoga for the Childbearing Year


Nikki Plaskett, from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, took her first Hatha Yoga class as a child. Since then her love affair with creative movement has blossomed and led to certifications as a Vinyasa and Kundalini Yoga teacher. A beautiful pregnancy and graceful birth inspired Nikki to specialize in
Perinatal training. She holds certifications and trainings as a Khalsa Way Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, Perinatal Fitness Trainer, Prenatal Massage Practitioner, Breastfeeding Counselor, Childbirth Educator,Doula and is a licensed CNA. The birth of my Sons opened a channel of power I never knew existed. It is the greatest meditation I have experienced and I am honored to support other Mamas on their journey to birth and beyond.
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Toddler Breastfeeding

Reposting in response to the Time Magazine cover of a Mother breastfeeding her toddler son. Royal weaned with very little help @ 2 years and 7 months. He also moved into his own bed. He was self motivated after I noticed his lack of interest I asked him about it. He sat in my lap and said remember when I used to drink milk from your breast like it was years ago then we drank some water and read a book.

Birthing Bliss

Royal is now 2 years and change he has been out playing with big brother Noble for 2 hours chasing iguanas, lizards, picking up sticks, eating hog plums and yes throwing rockstones. All dirty he comes running in the door & while I’m blogging he lifts up my shirt and takes a drink. Before I can flinch to say would you like some water he is gone. The days of sweetly staring into his big bright eyes while nursing have been replaced by a fidgety, easily distracted and quickly satisfied toddler. We are in the process of what I would like to believe is child lead weaning …Baba Art says no this is what your texts call extended breastfeeding. Yes Daddy is also a breastfeeding expert and advocate despite a lil twang of jealousy.

Child lead weaning is quite interesting it was my intention to practice this with Noble but nursing him…

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What is prenatal yoga?

A prenatal yoga student mentioned after class” I’m in my 1st trimester and need a more vigorous practice.
My reply:  Why fight your true nature, what is more vigorous than life forming inside you at an exponential rate?
Her reply was ” I don’t want to get out if shape”
My response: You have to get out of shape, to get in Motherhood shape, allow your DNA to become unhinged and hang out in innerspace to survive this journey. Around 7 months into her pregnancy she returned to class.
She said ” I had no clue what you were talking about in our 1st class, now I want to thank you for this please don’t stop.” 
Nothing more needed to be said this yogini had made her transformation. She walked the path and submitted to her purpose. She embraced the truth of her purpose and not only accepted the changes in her life but found joy in the beauty of her new form. Her inital concerns about her body image as less than perfect were replaced by a divine perfection and awe. She began to worship her fullness and delighted in her family, friends and community response to her blossoming belly. Now the real practice of yoga began. This yogini had been attending hatha yoga classes for many years. She was limber and strong but her practice was compartmentalized. The practice of yoga began and ended on her mat. Then life flourished inside and she had to assume the responsibility of carrying 2 souls in 1 body. Before she knew it the yamas and niyamas jumped into the forefront of her consciousness. It all began to make sense and the practical application of pranayama and asana and deep relaxation and meditation and proper diet and positive thinking became diurnal and circadian. Yoga was effortless no longer something she did but something she lived. Pregnancy affords women a prosperous opportunity to grow, heal and change with the unyielding support of the universe; if we are willing to release fear, trust our bodies, our intuition, ourselves.
Prenatal Yoga
Sundays 1-2pm@Golden Heart Yoga DC 4804Georgia Ave Nw, DC

The Universal Rights of Childbearing Women by The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood.

Here in the USA we just recently removed the shackles from (some not all) incarcerated women during childbirth. All women deserve a respectful birth it is essential for the preservation of humanity. If we can not hold sacred the beginnings of life, how can we honor life itself?