Yoga Sadhana

DSCN0555My 1st exposure to yoga occurred around age 10. I took a class taught by Elisa Mckay, my friend Ayanna’s mom. I had already discovered the power of dance but the power of sitting without prayer was great. The memory is so clear Ayanna and I the only children in the class; I felt so perfect sitting on the cool wood floor in sukasana…breathe. Fast forward to my mid 20’s, I ski, I fall, I tear my ACL..Oh the pain, the agony, the lack of insurance! After being smuggled in for an MRI by my college friends the verdict was delivered by their professor:” Physical therapy or surgery, drain the knee or not you will have arthritis by my age.” After 3 physical therapy sessions (all that I could afford) it dawned on me. Iyengar yoga is better than this pt. So I moved slowly at Unity Woods, lifted weights and two years later, a certified Vinyasa teacher subbed her 1st class. That was 2 children, 3 ancestors and 4+ certifications ago.Through those tremendous rights of passage sadhana was maintenance. It was a place for me to strengthen, recharge, freak out, relax and balance the tumultuous and mundane. Wow, I’ve been teaching yoga for over 10 years and everytime I lose time for my practice; my right knee grinds click clack get your ass on the mat. DSCN0539DSCN0549DSCN0551DSCN0546

By birthingbliss

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