Gemstones for the Childbearing Year

ImageGemstones are both beautiful and beneficial during the childbearing year. They provide adornment and support to periods of conception, gestation, birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and infancy. Gemstones appeal to our tactile and esoteric senses. We admire their brilliance, absorb their energies, and feel their vibrations. Using gemstones is easy:
*they can be worn as jewelry *placed in your pocket or purse *kept in your pillow
*placed under the mattress
*held on your alter
*hung from your rear view window
*steeped in water for bath or drinks
*held or focal point during prayer or meditiation
*placed on chakra or reflexology points for balancing

Let your intutition guide you when selecting gemstones and choose ones which resonate with you. Below are some suggestions gathered from the following site

Amber Image
Golden Brown
Solar Plexus Chakra
· Assists with mental clarity, promotes smooth functioning of intellect and wisdom and helps eliminate confusion in regards to truth.
· Protects one from psychic attacks, negative energy or taking on other’s energy. Facilitates energy balancing and cleansing.
· Offers patience, romantic love, sensuality, purification, detoxification, healing and calmness.

Orange & Red
Root and Sacral Chakra
· Heals, balances and stimulates women’s reproductive system and helps alleviate premenstrual cramps and irregular menses.
· Assists with stimulating physical energy, passion, emotions, sexuality and removes sorrows, jealousy, anger and fear.
· Stabilizes and grounds energy, improves motivation and recall to historical events and past lives.

Green (color of apples)
Heart Chakra
· Excellent healing stone that helps guard against sexually transmitted diseases, eye problems, gout, mental illness, fertility issues for both sexes and relieves fever.
· Eases heartache and loneliness, balances emotions, provides inner peace and strength, conflict resolution and provides happiness.
· Stimulates creativity, good fortune and prosperity.

Translucent and rainbow
Heart Chakra
· Enhances feminine energies including intuition, sensitivity, receptivity, and psychic abilities.
· Provides protection particularly during childbirth, pregnancy and travel at sea.
· Used to aid pituitary gland, digestive system, obesity, water retention, lymph system, menstrual problems and hormonal problems, emotional balance and grace.
· Helpful for water signs and calming overreactions to personal and emotional situations.

Pearl Image
White, Pink, Cream & Black
Crown Chakra
·Feminine in nature (containing water and moon energies) connecting the wearer to the Goddess energy and aiding in childbirth and fertility.
·Enhance personal integrity, faith, loyalty, truth, purity, charity, calming and centering.
·Used to treat stress, hypertension, headaches, exhaustion, digestive tract and muscular systems. 

Quartz, Rose
Heart Chakra
·Opens the heart chakra for emotional healing and is used to enhance all forms of love including unconditional love, self-love, family love, platonic love and romantic love.
·Assist with fertility and provides protection during pregnancy and childbirth.
·Eases traumas associated with loss, stress, hurt, fear, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence, anger, and resentment.

Heart or Throat Chakra
· Supports harmony, letting go, surrendering of pain, worry, anxiety, fear and guilt.
· Treats and heals lungs, throat, heart, premenstrual syndrome, cramps, inflammations, arthritis and spasms.
· Gently removes negativity and aids emotional healing from incest, rape, mastectomy and hysterectomy.

Agate (Crazy Lace)
Black & white
· Helps to clear emotional pain, center and focus.
· Helps children, parents and grandparents understand one another. Also encourages different generations to feel they can enjoy one another.

Various Colors- Jadeite & Nephrite
· All jade has different healing aspects including crystal healing, removing toxins from body, healing the heart and assisting kidney problems.
· Provides protection from harm, against illness especially for children and against physical attack.
· Ancient Chinese have used jade for various things including peace, harmony, emotional balance, stamina, humility, fidelity, generosity, mercy, courage, wisdom and justice.


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