Toddler Breastfeeding

Reposting in response to the Time Magazine cover of a Mother breastfeeding her toddler son. Royal weaned with very little help @ 2 years and 7 months. He also moved into his own bed. He was self motivated after I noticed his lack of interest I asked him about it. He sat in my lap and said remember when I used to drink milk from your breast like it was years ago then we drank some water and read a book.

Birthing Bliss

Royal is now 2 years and change he has been out playing with big brother Noble for 2 hours chasing iguanas, lizards, picking up sticks, eating hog plums and yes throwing rockstones. All dirty he comes running in the door & while I’m blogging he lifts up my shirt and takes a drink. Before I can flinch to say would you like some water he is gone. The days of sweetly staring into his big bright eyes while nursing have been replaced by a fidgety, easily distracted and quickly satisfied toddler. We are in the process of what I would like to believe is child lead weaning …Baba Art says no this is what your texts call extended breastfeeding. Yes Daddy is also a breastfeeding expert and advocate despite a lil twang of jealousy.

Child lead weaning is quite interesting it was my intention to practice this with Noble but nursing him…

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