What is prenatal yoga?

A prenatal yoga student mentioned after class” I’m in my 1st trimester and need a more vigorous practice.
My reply:  Why fight your true nature, what is more vigorous than life forming inside you at an exponential rate?
Her reply was ” I don’t want to get out if shape”
My response: You have to get out of shape, to get in Motherhood shape, allow your DNA to become unhinged and hang out in innerspace to survive this journey. Around 7 months into her pregnancy she returned to class.
She said ” I had no clue what you were talking about in our 1st class, now I want to thank you for this please don’t stop.” 
Nothing more needed to be said this yogini had made her transformation. She walked the path and submitted to her purpose. She embraced the truth of her purpose and not only accepted the changes in her life but found joy in the beauty of her new form. Her inital concerns about her body image as less than perfect were replaced by a divine perfection and awe. She began to worship her fullness and delighted in her family, friends and community response to her blossoming belly. Now the real practice of yoga began. This yogini had been attending hatha yoga classes for many years. She was limber and strong but her practice was compartmentalized. The practice of yoga began and ended on her mat. Then life flourished inside and she had to assume the responsibility of carrying 2 souls in 1 body. Before she knew it the yamas and niyamas jumped into the forefront of her consciousness. It all began to make sense and the practical application of pranayama and asana and deep relaxation and meditation and proper diet and positive thinking became diurnal and circadian. Yoga was effortless no longer something she did but something she lived. Pregnancy affords women a prosperous opportunity to grow, heal and change with the unyielding support of the universe; if we are willing to release fear, trust our bodies, our intuition, ourselves.
Prenatal Yoga
Sundays 1-2pm@Golden Heart Yoga DC 4804Georgia Ave Nw, DC


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