Prenatal Yoga Testimonial

Dear Nikki,
I just wanted to check in and thank you again for the wonderful experience I had doing prenatal yoga with you.  While my birth experience was more difficult than most, I am confident that I am having a better recovery and had a better pregnancy throughout as a result of being in your class and getting regular exercise that also had a mind-body-wellness component.
I had a very tough delivery — it was induced a week earlier than expected due to a pinprick leak in the amniotic fluid and this lead to a long, long labor, then ultimately a c-section.   Since it was induced, I opted for an epidural, then tried to gut it out through the night to push my baby out and ultimately had to go to a c-section once it became clear that labor wasn’t going to progress fast enough to keep the baby’s heart rate where we all wanted it.
Because I had had an epidural for such a long time, it ended up failing in spots and I could feel a good bit of the c-section — so the bumblebee breath and the focusing exercises we did were really key in helping me get through the hardest parts of that not at all gentle experience.  I was able to keep my head about me and still be totally elated to see our son who arrived healthy and whole and joyful despite the pain involved. 
I am now 4 weeks and some days postpartum and I am doing much better than the typical c-section patient — I am also confident that I will continue yoga once cleared to work out and also that I will do yoga in the swimming pool which was an important way that I carried the experience and things you taught with me throughout the end of the pregnancy.  As a result, my baby had really good muscle tone at birth because he was able to move around due to the space that swimming gave him (weightless and inflated womb is a good thing in baby fitness terms).
I know that it is your druthers and that of most of your students to have a natural childbirth experience or at least a vaginal delivery with minimal medical intervention — however, even in a case like mine where it gets tough and you have to go to some warrior place inside to gut it out, everything you taught is relevant and ultimately a real survival skill.  If you ever need a recommendation from a former student, please feel free to call on me. 
S…. A….


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