Libation Hydration

We must replenish our bodies without hesitation in pure water. When energized  by the Sun in a clear glass we consume that elemental energy…Sun energy of action, cleansing fire, power and strength…the energy of en-light-ment, the guru energy-that which reveals from darkness to light. Bless the Earth with a few drops before you drink giving thanks for the source. Guzzle, slurp or sip in reverence,  the simplicity of this powerful drink that sustains us all.

We are 80 % water, a  life giving element of fluid movements is versatile; from placid to rapid. We can use this range to shift our conciousness by taking a simple drink. In Ghana a wise woman told me when you get in an argument with your husband take a drink of water and hold it in your mouth. When you can’t hold it any more  and words are about to burst swallow then take another sip. I have practiced this wisdom in many communications not only outward conversations but inner.

A simple sip of water can change your temperament.. cooling the savage beast, clearing the path for effective communication, bringing balance to a metabolism sinking in thirst, flushing out toxins, cleansing emotions, energizing the fires of action.

Water is a protective mechanism. It fills the womb cushioning baby from shock, nourishing baby, keeping baby warm,  lubricating the descent of baby into Mothers hands to consume Mama’s breast milk which is also 80% water

Water what a gift !We drink it with out a second thought and it feels no neglect going right to work in our temples. We can pour water on the earth or down our throats with intent and open the way for purpose.

Libation hydration

By birthingbliss

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